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Improve your sleep with the Zeo Sleep Manager? Review

zeo sleep manager review

zeo sleep manager review

**Beware before buying this product, looks like the company has gone under. They are no longer responsive to support, and I cannot log into my account to view my data and update my log**

If I can have the perfect sleep every night I can take over the world. During my whole teenage and early twenties I had sleep problems. It hindered and caused a lot of personal and school issues. Since then I have regarded my sleep as very important. I worked hard to have good sleeping habits and I’ve been able to control my sleep in the last several years and my life have improved a lot.

When I first heard of the Zeo which unlike any other device can measure your brainwave and sleep patterns I was very excited. I have tried the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock which was one of the top selling apps around the world. It measures the vibration of the bed to graph your sleep pattern, it was not very accurate and it killed my battery because it ran all night long.

Zeo Sleep Manager Review – Zeo Sleep Manager Pro

The Zeo sleep manager is different, it actually measures the brain wave. In concept it’s a great idea and anything to give me more control over my sleep I am gamed. However the product was highly disappointing. It does what it promised but the product is poorly design and I have not seen any practical implication with the data.


The product is a good concept but there are a lot of usability issues that annoys the hell out of me. In such a user focused period there are a lot of benchmarks and standards to follow and they broke many of it when building this product. Here is my list of issues:

  1. Cannot enter your sleep data into the Android app (not sure about the iphone), you have to log from a desktop/laptop browser. Yes you cannot do it from a tablet.
  2. It uses flash for the user management, this mean it’s not compatiable with my Lastpass password management.
  3. You cannot use the headband for more than a night without recharging. This is very annoying for me because I have the USB charger only unit and sometimes I forget. Even if it can last 2 nights where it would give you a chance if you forgot the first night, that would be many times more useful.
  4. You have to replace the headbands every 90 days (maybe this is not their fault)

I don’t think the issues above are deal breakers but they are very annoying and combine makes using the myZeo very frustrating.

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