What to do when your Android PhoneTablet gets lost or stolen Productivity

What to do when your Android Phone/Tablet gets lost or stolen

What to do when your Android PhoneTablet gets lost or stolen

Last night I lost my tablet. The worse thing is that I didn’t set a lock pin on it as it was mainly used in the house and I didn’t want to bother. I have spent last night and today trying to remove the data from it. Most was pretty easy except for Evernote. I use Evernote for almost taking notes of everything in my life and have been very disappointed at how difficult it is to remove the data on my tablet.

With cloud service when you change the password all the link to the content is gone and the user no longer has access to it. Here is a list of what I did and the steps you can take to protect yourself.

  1. Change your Google Account password. This is pretty simple and straight forward. I had 3 Google Accounts synced with the Tablet, you probably only have one. When you change your password they can no longer access your gmail; there is no access to your Google Drive; and no access to the Google App Store
  2. Change the password for your email accounts. This is the same as Google Accounts, once it has been changed they cannot access your email. I am assuming you are using IMAP and not POP to get your emails.
  3. The trickiest would have to be with Evernote. The way Evernote works is that it cache all your notes on the device. If you change your password then the device cannot sync with Evernote however all the content is still cache there. What you want to do is:
    1. Don’t change your password
    2. Export your notes
    3. Create a new Evernote account
    4. Import your notes (It doesn’t retain the file folders so you have to organize it again)
    5. In your old account delete all the notes

    This way once the tablet/phone logs online it will sync and delete all the files.

  4. For Dropbox it’s much easier, just log on and disconnect the device. To link back they would need to log in again but would require the password which was not saved. You should also change your password in case. Both Google drive and Dropbox only downloads your file if you specify so you do not need to worry about all your files.
  5. It’s also simple to change passwords for Linkedin, Skype, and Facebook
  6. I use a task list app Wunderlist and for some reason when I change the password it still syncs with my other devices. It’s not as an important deal at this point as I don’t really care about them knowing what I need to do each day.

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