How to make Web 2.0 Logos (Web logos)

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If you are looking for ideas on designing web 2.0 logos (web logos) check out this collage of 1784 of the top web 2.0 logos. This will for sure give you a lot of great ideas.

Here are some characteristics of Web 2.0 logos:

  1. Simple Shapes – Drawings of the icons are very simple, it is filtered down to it’s simplest elements
  2. Sans Serif Fonts – Most of the text are sans serif, and in the rare case it is a serif font, it is the most
  3. Bright Colours – Check out the colour palette of the sample logos. They are all bright happy colours
  4. 2 tone – Text are divided to 2 colours. This is because for URL it is a combination of 2 text and it is not possible to have spaces between them or else the URL would be confusing. As well many names are made up of 2 concepts like Dis Us.
  5. 2 fonts – Similar to 2 tone, some logos use 2 types of fonts to communicate the effect of the previous point (2 tone)
  6. One idea – If you look at all the web logos there is one concept or idea, one thing that draws your attention to. This is general of logo design.
  7. Gradients – This is web 2.0 web logos signature.
  8. Lose the “.com” – Very few logos actually have “.com” in it. It’s so obvious that it’s a web 2.0 company, .com is not needed. But make sure you have a version with .com as well.

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