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Watch Netflix US in Canada with Simple App

If you are a Canadian who has Netflix you envy your southern neighbours at the vast amount of on demand movies they get in the US. You might have even probably invested quite a bit of your time trying complex techniques to hide your IP which never seem to work well.

You would love to get all the great movies in Netflix US but just don’t have the time nor energy to invest in trying to hack it. Now there’s a very simple way to watch Netflix US in Canada with a simple install of a chrome extension. It’s called the MediaHint and it allows you to watch Netflix US as well as all the other copyright content that is only available in the US.

This will work great with the Google Chromecast!

I just couldn’t believe how easy it was! I just you install it now.

Install Now

Other Options for watching Netflix US in Canada

  1. (Free) – Tried this but a bit complicated and didn’t work for me
  2. Hola (Free) – Plugin in your browser so you can choose your region
  3. $4.99/mo – worlds on tablets and smartphones
  4. Adfreetime – $1.99/mo
Ease of use
Final Thoughts

It was very easy to install and get it working. Will work well with the Google Chromecast. The extension also works with Firefox as well.

Overall Score 4.9 Easy and free!
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