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Tools to help you choose the best domain name for SEO


There is a process that you should follow to choose the best domain name.

  1. Generate a list of words that your customers will search for
  2. Try different combination of the words and see which one you like and is available
  3. Get a domain that is old – Google gives higher ranking to older domains

How do you choose the right words? You might already have a name, let’s say it’s call Tom’s and you sell flowers.

  1. Go to Google and enter flowers and you’ll see an autocomplete drop down which shows the most common words people search for. Try to enter these into your name.
    Google Auto Complete Search for SEO
  2. You can also go to Adword Keyword Tool for SEO and find out the number of people entering those words. With the Adword keyword tool you’ll be able to see the competition, Global monthly searches and local monthly searches, as well as the local search trends.
    Google Adword Keyword Tool for SEO
  3. The Psychic Whois tool combines both of the steps plus it lets you know if the .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and your country domain instantly.

Now see which one is available.

  1. gives you variations of the name by deleting end letters from name. I’m not sure how valuable this is. For example I typed “FashionBlog” but it tells me “FashionBlo” is available.
  2. The most powerful tool has to be Bust a Name, this automates the process of combining the names.

While you are doing this you would also need to find out the domain name to use. An older domain name will give you more Search Engine ranking from Google. There are 3 tools.

  1. The first one is the domain history tool. It shows the domain history of any domain. This may be no accurate.
  2. I would also check with to see if there are any past history of the site.
  3. However I find the most reliable would be from Hosterstats. This gives you the hosting history of a domain name from 2000 forward. This is the most accurate statistic. However the drawback is that it is only focused on the .com .net .org .biz .info .mobi .asia .ie .eu and .de domains.
    Domain Hosting History Tool - HosterStats

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