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Tools to find the perfect domain name

Part of the starting a business is finding a good domain name. Here are some really cool tools that makes it very easy. You can also use this tool to build additional SEO sites with the keywords you want.


Domain Hole – A tool that help you mine expired domains. Then check on hosterstat to see the age of the domain. You can find some good ones.Here’s a list of what you can do:

  1. Expired search – Enter one or more keywords and find a list of domains that have expired in 7, 30, or 60 days. More filters to make it very helpful.
  2. Name Spinner – Enter a keyword then select options to generate available names with the keyword
  3. Instant Check – checks the domain as you type it but what’s really great is that all the names stay on the page
  4. Complete Check – Checks all the different TLD extenstions
  5. Name generator – This helps you come up with web 2.0 names where the domain is available

Panabee – Enter 2 words and it will generate a list of possible domains. Comes up with a lot of creative names.

Bust A Name – combines keywords in different combinations to get available domains

bust a name - domain finding tool

namestation – use this tool to generate random words or hold a contest for names. Tools that generate random domains, combine and blend words, and find short web2.0 domains. – This shows the dropped domains for today and pending drops for tomorrow. It uses it’s logarithm to filter by value. – Enter a word and this generates names with that word. e.g. enter “deal” and you get dealized, dealizing,, idealth, etc… – enter a word and it will help you find short domains


3 Letter words to add to your domain name

Your domain name is taken but you still want to keep a short url? Then add these works to the beginning or the end of the your desired name.

ace add ads age ago aid aim air ale all alt amp and ant any ape app
apt are ark arm art ash ask asp ass ate axe bad bag ban bar bat bay
bed bee beg bet bib bid big bin bio bit biz boa bob bop bos bot box
boy bra bro bud bug bum bus but buy bye cab cad cam can cap car cat
cod con cop cow cry cub cue cup cut dad day del did die dig doc doe
dog dot dry dud due dug duh duo dup dye ear eat egg ego elf elk elm
els era eve eye fab fad fag fan far fat fax fee few fib fig fit fix
flu fly foe fog fox fry fun gag gap gas gay gem gen get gig gin gip
git god goo got gum gun gut guy gym had hag ham hat hay hen her hex
hey hic him hip his hit hoe hog hop hot how hub hue hug hum hut ice
ill imp ink inn ivy jab jam jar jaw jay jet jew jig jin job joe jog
jot joy jug keg key kid kit lab lad lag lap law lay led leg let lib
lid lie lip lit log lot low luv mac mad mag man map mat max may med
mem men met mic mid mix mob mod mom moo mop mud mug mum mut nag nap
nay neg net new nil nip nit nob nod nog nom not now nun nut oaf oak
oar oat odd ods off ohm oil oke old one ops orb orc ore our out owe
owl own pad pal pam pan pap paw pax pay pea pee peg pen pep per pes
pet pic pie pig pin pit pix ply pod poo pop pot pow pro pub pug pun
pup pus put rad rag ram ran rap rat raw ray red rib rid rig rim rip
rob rod rot row rub rug rum run rut rye sac sad sag sap sat sau saw
sax say sea sec see set sex she shy sin sip sir sit six ski sky sly
sob sod son sos sox soy spa spy sub sum sun tab tad tag tan tap tax
tea ted tee tel ten the tic tie tin tip toe tom ton too top toy try
tub tug tut tux two urn use vac vet vex via vid vow vox wad wag was
wax way web wed wee wet who why wig win wit wiz won woo wow yak yam
yay yen yep yes yet you zap zig zip zit zoo

2 Letter words to append to your domain

Here are some 2 letters you can append to your domain to create something that might be available.

ab ad ah ex by ed ha he hi ho id if in is it jo ka ki la li lo ma me mi mo my no nu of oh oi om on or os ox pi re so to un up us yo


Numbers to append to your domain

You can think about numbers to append to your domain such as 99 ( 411 (, 88, 911,  416 (area code). Make sure the number is easy to remember and allow for extension if needed. If you choose 416 which is the Toronto area code then only people in toronto will remember the site and cannot extend to locales outside of the Toronto area.

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