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Tips on what to tweet

Tips on what to tweet


One of the questions that most people ask about Twitter is “What should we tweet about?” I’ve asked that question myself when I first started using Twitter. And then I have come up with a few tips. Here are few tips on what to tweet that you can try.

  1. Retweet - This is the easiest thing to do. Follow famous people and listen to what they are saying. Retweet tweets that are funny, informative, useful and interesting. Retweeting also helps you build relationships and it gives you something to tweet about. Check your retweet value by using Retweet Rank.
  2. Breaking News - Follow major news outlets like CNN, BBC and Fox News then share breaking news as it happens. Be on the lookout for news headlines all over the world.
  3. Thank you’s - Don’t forget to thank someone for sharing, following or retweeting some of your tweets. This is another way of building relationships to fellow twitter users.
  4. Ask for a follow - In order to gain popularity in Twitter, you can ask for a follow. How to do that? That’s easy. Create a promo and tweet about it and tell people that they get a freebie or something in return if they follow you.
  5. Ask a question - Ask a question to spark a conversation with other twitter users sharing similar interests. Use a conversational tone to make your audience feel comfortable and soon they will engage in a conversation with you.
  6. Make announcements - If you’re tweeting for your business, you may tweet about Jobs Available in your company, Events or Discussions you’re hosting, Press Announcements, Special Offers, Sales and Discounts.
  7. Entertain - Your tweets does not need to be purely business. You can tweet about famous song lyrics, quotes from famous people, links to entertaining videos and trailers of new and upcoming movies.

These are the few tips for you to try. It worked for me and I’m sure it will do wonders for your business too.

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