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Tips on How to Tweet


 Tips on How to Tweet

Twitter is becoming one of the best social media marketing platform used by businesses today.  It is a great tool if you want to market your goods.  I have been on twitter for a year now and I am quite satisfied with the results and responses that I am getting. I have interacted with different types of people on the Internet using twitter. And I have maintained a good relationship with my followers.  Here are some of the few tips on how to tweet that I can share to you twitter newbies out there.

  1. Customize your account. Use a clear picture of yourself.  Add a Bio and include keywords that potential followers might be looking for.
  2. Watch and learn from the experts.  A few weeks before I started tweeting, I followed quite a few people who share the same interest. I check their tweets and follow their style.
  3. I search the Internet for latest news, headlines and stories that I can share to my followers.  I make it a point to share relevant information at least once or twice a day. Sharing a great content is one way for you to gain followers.
  4. Interact with People. Twitter is a great tool that will enable you to interact with different types of people real time. It is important to engage in a conversation with your followers from time to time. Speak what’s on your mind.
  5. Use Twitter tools. There are plenty of twitter tools that you can use. I personally use Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck is a powerful twitter application that would track real time conversation. It allows you to keep up and be informed with what’s happening online. Other popular twitter tools are TwitPic, which allows you to post pics on your tweets. HootSuite, which allows you to schedule your tweets. Twitter Grader which allows  you to grade a twitter account and give you ranking information.  Then there’s WeFollow. It is a website that allows any twitter user to add themselves to a listing of twitter users sharing the same interest. twitter tools
  6. Use Hashtags. A Hashtag is a form of metadata tag. It is a way of tagging your tweet. A Hashtag will collate all ideas under one thread so you won’t have to go through thousands of tweets which is a total waste of time. A hashtag can help improve your online reputation too.
  7. Create a tweet button on your website or blog. Once your visitors click on it, it will take them straight to your twitter page.

These are just one of the few tips I’m able to come up with and used over time. Feel free to comment if you have more twitter tips.

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