Tasks that a Virtural Assistant can Eliminate for you Productivity

Tasks that a Virtural Assistant can Eliminate for you

Tasks that a Virtural Assistant can Eliminate for you

You can dramatically increase the amount of free time you have by hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). They can do many redundant things for you business or personal. When you hire a VA you might not have enough tasks for them for the 40 hour week so go through this list to help you get ideas:

Here is a list of standard things they can do.:

  1. Scheduling interviews and meetings
  2. Web-research
  3. Following up on appointments, errands, and tasks
  4. Online Purchases
  5. Creation of legal documents
  6. Basic Website Maintenance (web design, publishing, uploading files) that doesn’t require a professional
  7. Monitoring, editing, and publishing comments for online discussions
  8. Posting job vacancies online
  9. Document creation
  10. Proofreading and editing documents for spelling and formatting
  11. Online research for updating blogs
  12. Updating the database for CRMs (Customer Relationship Management)
  13. Voicemail Transcription
  14. Market Research
  15. Financial Research
  16. Business Plan
  17. Industry Analysis
  18. Market Assessment
  19. Reports
  20. Legal research
  21. Analytics
  22. Creating presentations
  23. Reports and Newsletters
  24. Search Engine Optimization
  25. Maintaining and updating databases
  26. Managing Procurement processes

It is best if you start with simple tasks then move to more complicated tasks. The best is to make a video outlining step by step how to do it. I recommend using Screenr which is a video capture webapp that is dead simple to use and super convenient.

Those are just some ideas. If you have more please suggest in the comment section below.

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