Sure Fire Tactics to get a Ridiculous Amount of Social Engagement Social Media

5 Sure Fire Tactics to get a Ridiculous Amount of Social Engagement

Sure Fire Tactics to get a Ridiculous Amount of Social Engagement

You start a blog, write a blog post and might get lucky and get indexed on Google. That may drive you 1-2 visitors a day. How do you drive a large amount of visitors and get social engagement and increase the search engine ranking on Google? Here are 5 sure fire tactics to achieve that.

  1. Talk about celebrities – Some how relate your post or topic back to a famous celebrity in a fun and catchy way. e.g. The 5 gagets Scarlett Johansson would love.
  2. Relate it back to hot news stories or seasonal events – Anything happened lately and people are searching or or is on top of their mind. e.g. Guide to iphone 4s marketing strategy, How to market your to get the most out of Christmas
  3. Make a Top 10 List – Make a top 10 list and review the top blogs in a related space. Tweet out to them and they might retweet or make a blog post. That will get you visitors and a link or links to your blog. e.g. Top 10 social media blogs you have to have to follow
  4. Hold a contest – This may be a tricky one because you would need to have a critical amount of followers already but doing it can increase the discussion on the links as well as they will promote to their friends. e.g. Retweet and like us on Facebook to win an ipad
  5. Guest Blogging – Writing guest blogs on blogs that have your target market. Some say that when you start off you should write half of your blog posts should be guest blogging.

Depending on your industry you might not be able to use all the tactics and some will have more effect than others. The goal is to experiment and see what works best for you. When one tactic works great scale it up. Also be creative you can combine multiple tips, like writing a guest blog post titled “Win the top 5 apps you need to make your own Christian Bale The Dark Knight Rises.

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