Review of best recorder mic – Zoom H1

With all the advances in technology and gadget there is still a need to record voice conversations and memos. While you might be able to use your Iphone or Blackberry, if you are in need recording for a long period of time or often, it’s best to get a dedicated mic.

The Zoom H1 is the best suited for this. The mic is small, high quality, and intuitively easy to use.

Review Zoom H1 voice recorder mic

Great features I love:

  1. Dual mics pointed in each direction for stereo recording
  2. Easy big and bold record button
  3. Rec light indicating when it’s on
  4. Display but no menu option – The higher models H2 and H4N has menus which makes it more difficult to use
  5. Easy side buttons for increasing the input level, play, fast forward, rewind, pause and delete
  6. Speaker for playback
  7. Volume for speakers
  8. Output for headphone
  9. input for other mic or lapel mic
  10. USB connection to sync with your computer

zoom h1 recorder mic side panel details

You can choose WAV or MP3, MP3 it will last you 36 hours with the 2 GB card. I used this and it is great. I would choose this over the any of the higher models, H2 and H4N. Without a menu, this is so much easier to use and navigate. Also the small size makes it very easy to transport. I use this with my DSLR Canon Rebel T2I. I shoot from afar and use this to record the audio, so much easier.

You can also get the kit which comes with a great set of headphones (good quality but not the most expensive), windsock, mic holder, carrying bag, usb, charger, and high quality tripod.

Zoom H1 Kit Headphone windsock bag usb charger tripod

Check out this great review, I viewed this before buying:

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