Productivity Tricks with the Samsung Note 2 Stylus

Last night as I was convincing a friend to upgrade to an android instead of an Apple iPhone she asked about the pen of the Samsung Note 2. I told her it was a good gimmick but I don’t use it, as I was saying that i was hovering over an email and it showed the preview. She was blown again. Even thought I’ve seen this before and thought nothing of it I was blown away too because she was so impressed. So I did some research today to see what other great productivity tricks or hacks I can do and I was quite impressed with all the useful things you can do with the S Pen.

You can watch the video to see all the neat tricks and I provided a summary before for reference.

Samsung Galaxy Note II 2 S Pen Stylus Tricks

  1. Set auto start program when removing the pen
  2. Hover the pen on website menus for the hover effect
  3. Hold and tab to copy the screen and it comes up to edit
  4. Hover over calendar and messages to get a preview
  5. Hover over photo albums to get a preview of the album
  6. Hold pen and swipe up to get command to write out action such as # to call, @ to email, ? to search, ! to map, and ~ to message
  7. Hold and double tap anywhere to open S Note
  8. Hold and circle to cut out the image on screen set to program to edit or email






Final Thoughts

There's a learning curve but very useful and worth the time to invest the time to learn.

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