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Money saving secrets on trips to Las Vegas

Save BIG on your trip to Las Vegas

lens6458311_1250303097lasvegasI go to Vegas often, at least twice a year and I’ve spent quite a bit of money the first couple of times there. But I’ve learned a few tricks to help you save a lot of money.

If you plan your trip right you can have more fun and spend less money. The following are tips for your next Las Vegas trip.



Find Flights online

List of sites where you can compare rates and find the cheapest flight to Las Vegas

Listing of flights from Canada to Las Vegas – sometimes have package specials. For my last trip I found the lowest rate it. Have a lot of flexible options in that I can choice the different times for departure and returning back.Don’t just look at the price and the departure time, look at the time you spend in the airport. I rather pay an extra $10 to save myself 2 hours in the airport.
Flight Centre – From Canada
A large travel agent in Canada that offers flights or packages.
Flight Network
Specializing in Cheap Flights from Canada and the US
United Airlines
This is one of the airlines that consistently have good rates flying from Canada to the Las Vegas.
I tried many sites and I constantly getting the lowest rates with Orbitz and Priceline
I tried many sites and I constantly getting the lowest rates with Orbitz and Priceline
Jet Blue
Jet Blue offers some of the best rates but you have to book ahead. They get really expensive 1 – 2 weeks before your flight.

Never pay for cabs to your hotel! – Use shuttle service

Never pay for cabs to your hotel!



After landing in a strange country or city your first inclination is to hail a cab. Use the shuttle service instead. There are a couple of companies and the service is very frequent. Remember to book the shuttle service when you are leaving the hotel to the airport. You can buy trip passes.

Cost is $5 to strip hotel and $7 to downtown hotel. Round trip is $8 to strip hotel and $10 to downtown.


Remember to call and book your time for leaving to the airport.

They are located just outside the baggage pick up area where the cabs are. Look for a hub.

If you are there for tradeshows take advantage of the shuttle service to the convention centers.


Find the best rates and deals on hotels.

Great rates and specials. Also other helpful links. You can also get deals on shows. Each deal has a package such as a couple of free breakfasts, discount on shows, meals and such. If you have the time and don’t mind the hassle you can book a different hotel for every 2 days and end up getting free meals and shows. It would be nice to try a new hotel every 2 days but lots of hassle unless you have the time.
Listing of pretty good deals for Las Vegas Hotels. Pick the date and it can spit out listing in order of the lowest rates for the hotels.
Fat Wallet Hotel special rate
All the deals are posted by Fat Wallet users. Go to the last page for the latest rates. Some good deals there.

$20 trick – Free room upgrade

Free room upgrade!


Here’s the $20 trick. When you check in, hand the front desk your credit card, passport, and a twenty dollar bill. Ask if there are any complenmetary upgrades available.

You can find more detail on this here: Twenty Dollar Trick

I personally tried this myself at MGM and it worked the first time. They were able to upgrade me but the second I tried they didn’t have any extra upgrades available. This is not a shady trick, I was surprised how professional they were, the agent put my $20 on the desk and made sure I was taken cared of first then asked if the $20 was his. This is standard. He was very nice I could have asked for more such as free meals and vouchers. I’ll try next time.


Discounts on shows

Tix4Tonight – get 50% or more off shows

Other than gambling the biggest draw of Las Vegas is their grand shows. The following are details on getting discounts on shows.
50% or more off shows – 6 locations
Show availability are posted at 9:30am and doors open at 10am
You can’t call or order online, you have to go to their locations.Fashion Show Mall (Strip Entrance in front of Neiman Marcus)
Hawaiian Marketplace (South Strip at Polo Towers)
North Strip (Just South of the Riviera Hotel)
Downtown (4 Queens Hotel at Fremont St. Experience)
Showcase Mall (South Strip at the Base of the Giant Coke Bottle)
Bills Casino (Corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Flamingo)
Download a $2 off coupon

Outlet shopping- Save more than the outlet prices

secret to outlet shopping



There are several outlets in Las Vegas and they are accessible by shuttle buses. They are a little distance away from the strip but you can get good discounts.
You can get pretty steep discounts on their already reduced prices by joining their email list. Print it before you go to Las Vegas, it will save you time from finding a printer.

Las Vegas Premium Outlets

This is the best outlet out of all of them. Join their email list and print a voucher for their coupon book. Go to the main office to get the book for big discounts.

Las Vegas Premium Outlets
875 South Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 474-7500

Fashion Outlets las Vegas

Join their “Privileges Club” to get more discounts.

32100 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Primm, NV 89019

Other helpful Las Vegas sites

Check out these sites for more tips and info

Lot of the tips above were found on other sites. For more tips and info on planning your Las Vegas trip, check them out.
Going to Las Vegas
Very helpful site. General tips, shuttle tips, weather info, and gaming.

Great deals to be had

Final Thoughts

By following these tricks you can save more money and have a lot more fun.

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