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Microdata Plugins for WordPress

wordpress rich snippet microdata schema plugins

Adding Microdata such as standards from Schema will improve the Search Engine ranking of your site and provide additional information in the search results. Does implementing microdata and schema.org standard help with the search engines? I’ve read and it’s the same experience for me on Dentistfind.com, that it improves your search results on bing and yahoo by boosting it 40-50% but little effect on Google. However I did noticed that having my Google+ picture helped me climb on Google results for businesshack.org.

There seems to be many plugins for WordPress, here is a review of the different options:

Review of the Different Microdata Plugins for WordPress

  1. Schema Creator by Raven
    Easy to add Schema Microdata to a blog post, issue is that it doesn’t it doesn’t have URL for person so that you can add an image to the Google results. You would need to add it using the link to Google Plus technique.
  2. MicroData for SEO by Optimum 7
    Easy to use but leaves a shortcode on your page which means if you remove the plugin and choose a different microdata plugin or none at all the shortcode breaks.
  3. Ultimate SEO
  4. Rich Contact Widget

Base on the content of your site you might want to add a special type of rich microdata plugin. Here are some specialize ones:

  1. Reviews – Author Product Review Plugin
    Other than people the most popular type of Microdata are reviews. This plugin adds a section on your blog each post with selected options to make it easy to add reviews.
    author prodcut review plugin
  2. Recipes – Easy Recipe Plugin
    This is a lot more than just microdata, it is a system for posting receipes on your site with info on anything from chef, ingredients, nutritional values, and more.
  3. Videos

Once you have installed and setup the Microdata Plugin then check it on Google’s Snippet Test Tool. It took me about 3 weeks before it started showing in the Google search results.

  1. Snippet Test Tool – Enter your URL and Google will show you how it will be shown on the search results.



[schema type=”review” url=”http://schema-creator.org/” name=”Schema Creator by Raven” description=”Schema microdata creator plugin for WordPress.” rev_name=”Shema Creator ” rev_body=”Easy to use Schema microdata creator for your WordPress blog. Just add while you are posting. There are fields missing, would be great if you can add your own fields.” author=”Sharky Liu” pubdate=”2012-12-23″ user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]

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