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I have over 100 domains and saving $1 from choosing one provider can save over $100 a year! I have tried all of them because of their promos. What I found was that the time wasted in transferring the domain over after the promo wasn’t worth it. Here are the 2 registrars I love and they have the best prices.

Domain Extensions: .com .net .org .co .tv and more Support: Fast helpful and clear support by email. They are based in the UK and will answer emails during their business hours/ overnight for me Price: $7.95 .com when purchasing/renewing 25 at a time Customer Period: Been with them since 2010 and slowly moving all my domains here Other Note: While I never tried their hosting it’s really cheap at $2.49/mo if prepaid for 3 years.

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

Register for $7.95 Domain

Domain Extensions: .ca Support: Fast helpful and clear support by email. They also have a very helpful phone number to call and they actually answer the phone. Price: $10.45 .ca Customer Period: Been with them since 2003 and never had an issue. Had to transfer a domain to a client and they had both of us on the phone to walk us through it. Great reliable company.

Currently 10Dollar is offering 5 domain registrations for $7.95 each. This offer is valid for existing customers as well. Order here.
Register .ca for $7.95

Do not use the following Registrars – lots of promos and gimmicks but the prices when renewing are high plus they have ancient technology which will screw things up, the bad part is that you will not know this until it happens and you lose all your ranking for your site that you have spent 4 years building up. Used to have good pricing but have increase their domain price twice already, bait and switch. GoDaddy – They are big promos but you don’t save that much and renewal is expensive plus the experience is really bad during the checkout process.

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