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  1. God

    Are you affiliated with Bright Ideas? We reviewed a lot of designers but it still composed of a small percentage of all and he was not one of the ones we evaluated.

  2. one of the best

    yeah, sounds to me like some lame way to advertise… how can possibly a guy who wins every 22nd contest be one of the best? my ratio is waaay under 10, i’m little above 5 actually, what that makes me than? miracle worker? cut the bull dude ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I just gave an example. I`m not saying Bright Ideas is one of the top designers on 99designs although he has 20 wining contests now. I just pointed out that with 0 wins you cannot be a top designer.
    What criteria did you used when you made that list?

  4. God

    I just came across those designers and gave them a ranking based on what I thought of their work. It’s not 100% accurate. Next time I do a contest I will review more and the list will get better.

    Just did a logo contest on Hatchwise and their quality of designers are horrible.

  5. steve jobs


    DivineStylerz – 20 entered only 1 won
    ssmita – 217 entered | 26 won
    H-Webart – 100 entered | 18 won
    Fourth – 15 entered | only 1 won
    maxpro – 488 entered | 40 won
    Ryan Mitchell – 26 entered | 1 won
    DivineStylerz – 20 entered | 1 won
    Carey Creative – 69 entered | only 3 won


    these are the real top 99desigs designers:

    progressive – 123 entered | 44 won
    R[รขหœโ€ฆ]ckStar99 – 321 entered | 72 won
    aneley – 118 entered | 32 won
    narra – 434 entered | 51 won
    lene – 454 entered | 54 won
    joanka – 154 entered | 38won
    jvm – 231 entered | 38won

  6. Ananya Roy

    This list has no value at all because my name is not there at the top position. The web designers you mentioned here are most of them Level 1 only and highest is Level 20. Myself Ananya Roy achieved and staying at Level 36 with a total earning of $88,776 so far and I am out of the list!!! Challenge my logic and stat please.

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