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Landing Page Creator Review – Lander App

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Simple design but lack of tools and layout makes it frustrating to use. Not worth the time even if it's free until the tool gets more mature.

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I’m a hardcore WordPress guy but after hours and days searching and setting up a template I decided to look for landing page makers. Then I came across Lander App which came up first on Google. Figure I can use it to make a landing page and get what I need for now. Since it provides 500 free views a month, I can use it on an on going basis until I decide on something permanent.

The layout is simple enough and in general looks like it’s intuitive to use plus it had a sample free design I like so I thought it was a winner. But that’s the danger, it hooks you in to try to use it and you can’t quite. While you can do what their sample pages can do, don’t even think of changing any element because it’s going to mess up everything.

While they spend quite a bit of time making their site look nice and the templates look good the features and tools are lacking. Here are some of the layout issues:

  1. You cannot select a group of elements (in fact you can only select one element at a time)
  2. You cannot align elements, it has to be moved around manually and you have to use your eyes to position elements. There is a grid option but it’s pretty much useless.
  3. You can’t duplicate forms. Only discovered this after I spent time perfecting the form
  4. There are also limited options for the form.
  5. Until this day I do not know the purpose of the form as you cannot get the info from the form to your email or a database.

I can bet you that the template designs were not made using this app, there is no way. Wish they spent more time creating useful tools rather than making templates and creating such a great looking website. Even though I spent hours learning the tools there is no way I will not use this again to make another landing page.

But like any new app it will get better with time and as they get more feedback like this and update their tools. Until then I will be using another app even if I have to pay to try it.

**UPDATE Sept 2nd 2013 ** I had to make a second landing page and when I logged into the app I was faced with so many limitation I just couldn’t stay doing it all over again so I searched for another app. I came across industry leader Unbounce and tried it. I have to say it was like night and day. Unbounce was so intuitive and use it took me 45 mins to do what took me 4 hours to do on Lander app minus the hair pulling. Stay tuned for full review.