ssd-solid state Harddrive - corsair_240gb_force Productivity

Increase your computer speed by 3x with this simple upgrade

My computer used to take over 8 minutes to boot up (I have lots of software). I would start my computer and go grab a snack and come back. It’s actually starting to make me fat! I made this simple upgrade and now it takes about 2-3 minutes! All the software are running a lot faster as well.

This will save you from spending hundreds to even over a thousand dollars from expensive upgrades. All the expensive computers now have Solid State Drives (SSD) which is made of a Flash memory instead of the a spinning disk. It’s a lot more reliable but more importantly it’s a lot faster. Surprisingly most PCs don’t have SSD to keep the system cost low.

ssd-solid state Harddrive - corsair_240gb_force

I learned about Solid State Hard Drive (SSHD) which is a combination of Solid State memory inside a traditional Disk Hard Drive. The cost is much lower per GB compare to SSD but it’s also slightly slower. I looked at my Windows files and it’s over 400 GB, which makes a 400 GB SSD drive prohibitive. Instead I installed the 1 TB SSHD and now my computer is much more faster.

How does it work?

Since the whole drive is not SSD it cache the commonly used files which for most people only use a limited set of files over and over again. For me the performance has been much better and I don’t hear the sound of the transfer as it’s sending heavy data from RAM to HD.

solid state Hard Drive -seagate_sshd

This is the least expensive upgrade you can make in regards to time and money to boost your performance. You can spend hundreds upgrading the RAM or CPU but the bottleneck will still be on the Harddrive. Like the floppy disk and soon to be DVD Drives, spinning disk Hard drives will be extinct.


If you are using a all SSD drive make sure to make some backups (cloud service recommended).  Beause this is a relatively new technology there will be hicups, one of it is that the drive might lose all the data if it’s not in use for a while, like two years or as little as 2-3 months. 

Make sure it’s compatible

I tried to install a Seagate SSD to my Toshisba laptop and was getting errors. Spent over 7 hours trying new things to realize that the drive was not compatible with my laptop. I was told it was because of the controller. Have to wait for a special order of the Crucial. So if you test it out for the first time and are getting errors, call the laptop or motherboard company to check it’s compatible.

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