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Get your Image in Google Search Results using WordPress

Get more clicks by having your image in Google search results for your WordPress site. There are 2 ways of doing this. One is to have a microdata image url when making a blog post and adding a “person” microdata to your blog post. Another way is to link your WordPress profile with your Google Plus.

By linking your Google Plus account with your blog any post you make will be automatically going to show your image. Whereas creating a microdata format URL image it will be required to be created each instance.
Image in Google Search Results with WordPress

  1. Enter your Google Plus profile link in the User Settings for Google+ Profiel (With WordPress 3.8 you no longer have to enter the whole url, you can enter just your Google Plus id e.g. +SharkyLiu)
  2. Make sure your name is the same as your Google Plus Profile
  3. Change the Display name publicly as your name
  4. Log into Google Plus then go to the Google Plus Authorship and enter any email at that domain
  5. It will send an email to that domain and you would need to verify it
    1. If you do not have an email under your domain you can try this technique to authorize the user.
  6. Double checked that it worked by going to the Google Rich Snippets tool, enter the url and it will show you how it would look in the Google Results.
    image rich snippet google search preview

This is how you get your image in Google search results for your WordPress site. Post comments, questions, or tips. It took 13 days before I started seeing my photo and ratings in Google search results and not all pages are showing, looks like it’s only the more common ones. Good luck and share you experience and questions below.

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