How to convert your Blogger Blog to a WordPress blog

How to convert your Blogger Blog to a WordPress blog



I made the biggest mistake starting my Blog on blogger and not WordPress. It’s been two and half years and 229 posts and tons of traffic and links set up. I wanted to switch over to WordPress for a long time but fear all the technical issues I have to encounter to set up all the links and images properly.

It was pretty easy and this was how I did it, and this is how you can do it.

I would recommend you set up a demo wordpress blog to try this first. If there are any mistakes then you can always go back but more importantly if you figure everything out first there will be less down time when you make the conversion.


Video Tutorial: Convert your Blogger blog to a WordPress Blog


How to convert your Blogger (Blogspot) Blog to a WordPress blog

We will assume that you have WordPress already set up and you have change the pointer from Blogger. If not see Appendix A for general information on how to do this.

  1. Change the title
    Settings -> General -> Change Blog Title and Tagline -> Save Changes
  2. Change the format of the Permalinks
    As you can see from the links on blogspot it is yearmonthname, and ends with .html
    Settings -> Permalinks -> select: custom -> enter/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.htmlHowever the number of characters used is not the same as the WordPress so you need to get a plugin to change the number of characters to match Blogger.
  3. Import posts
    Tools-> Import->Blogger->Grant Access->Enter your Blogger account
  4. Change the Permalink to match same format as blogger.com
    Get the plugin here:Download plugin here Download from http://bit.ly/oSZGL -> Save to desktop -> unzip -> open FTP -> Connect to server -> upload to wp-content/plugins/ -> go back to wordpress Plugin->installed ->Activate->Tools-> maintain blogger Permalinks -> Click
  5. Change Categories to Tags
    When WordPress imports your posts you automatically get all the tags converted to categories, this is how you can convert it back to tags.
    In the wordpress admin go to Import->
  6. Import images from blogger to WordPress
    There’s a wordpress plugin that takes all the images from your blogger site. While this is not necessary because the blog goes to blogger for the images and blogger keeps the images on the server. This means that it will work even if you keep the images as is.Find out more info about the blog image importer: http://notions.okuda.ca/wordpress-plugins/blogger-image-import/
    shorten to http://bit.ly/mmLOa


Keep your RSS feeds alive

Make sure all your RSS feeds are still sending

When you started your Blogger site your feed was something likehttp://fashionstyleblgo.com/rss.xml. When you convert to WordPress those feeds are no longer alive. But you have many sites pulling that feed, you don’t want to go to each site and update this, or you can’t even remember all the sites.

All you have to do is update your .htaccess file with couple lines of code:

RewriteRule atom.xml /feed [L,R=301]
RewriteRule rss.xml /feed [L,R=301]

How to move your Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect lets people follow your blog. You can communicate with them and send them updates.

If you are moving the blog to a new domain then you cannot move the friends that have joined your blog. However it will work with the same domain.

Log into Google Friend Connect.

Click Gadgets->Members

Enter the Width and select the rows

In section 3 click Generate the HTML code

Copy the HTML code

In WordPress Admin go Appearance->Widget->Drag Text to side bar

Paste the HTML code into the Text area

Click Save

Google Friend Connect checks to make sure that it is the same domain or else it will not allow you to transfer friends over.

If you create a new site then you are able to have the Google Friend Connect for all your sites
Add your WordPress URL in Site Settings—>Advanced Tab——>Alternate domains box and save settings.

What will not be the same

While the process has been made very easy there are certain things that will still not be identical. It is good to understand them.
  1. Links to each commenter will no longer linked to their website.

This is my new blog

Top 10 must have WordPress plugins for your Blog

Here are the top 10 WordPress plugins you have to add to your blog. You can see these plugins in action by looking at my two blogs: Fashion Style Blog (FS Blog) Streetwear Blog by JUZD



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