How to get expired domains domain

How to get expired domains

How to get expired domains

The best domain names are taken but there are many people who forget to renew. This is the perfect opportunity to grab it up. This is the life of an expired domain and how you can get it.

  1. 0-45 days Renewal Period – Registrant can renew it at renewal rate
  2. 30 day redemption period – The domain is no longer active, registrar owns it but let’s registrant renew it at higher fee. Some registrar may decrease this period to get the domain faster.
  3. 5-10 day auction – Auction off
  4. 5 day pending delete – registrant cannot renew it and registrar puts it on “Soon-to-be-available” list
  5. Release to Public – Then it is released to public between 11am and 2pm PST.


You can no longer try to catch valuable dropped domains because the registrar will auction it off or keep it if they are valuable. The way to get expiring domains is to bid for them with Snapnames,, GoDaddy’s TDNAM or similar services. Or you can hope to pick it up when with drops with,,, and GoDaddy. If the domain is half decent there is no point in trying to catch it when it drops because the other companies have a lot more resources.

They charge $60 to get your name unless there are many other bidders. Affiliated with Network Solutions. They have an exclusive contract so they get first pick for expiring names on network solutions.  Now NameJet is the official auctioneer for Network Solution domains.

They will get the name for you for $60. Once they get it they will offer you a option to increase your bid but does not tell you if there are other bidders and how much they are bidding. If there are 2 bid or your bid is within 30% of the top bid there will be a one day auction.

Exclusive domain management for Network Solutions and Enom. If your domain is with those providers you will have an opportunity to get it.

They charge a $30 fee. But now NameJet handles all of their backorder domains.

You can buy expiring or auction domains from Godaddy. Starting bid is $10 but they charge an additional amount for the renewal. I recommend checking Search to find the ranking and traffic for the domains.

Power tip: To get leverage over the other bidders it is good to get the .net, .org, and .info.

List of the registrar and their dropped domain partner.


List of expiring domains organized with additional data to show you the traffic, links, rating, etc..

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