hate 1and1 free

Why do 88% of People Hate 1and1? (88% of 775 People)

hate 1and1

hate 1and1

I’ve been with 1and1 since they started operation in North American for over 10 years ago. They were giving free web hosting and I could not resist. It was slow, very slow, unusable slow. I wasted a lot of time but did not end up hosting anything on the server.

Few years later I upgraded my service because it was still very slow and domains take a long time to propagate (24-48hrs! especially on the weekend, won’t be live till Monday morning) (Good marketing to hook me). Even at that time the interface was behind the times. Admin was lagging and each page takes a very long time to load. But there was a few things going for 1and1, 1) it was cheap 2)it was fast and it had 3)good domain name price promotions (not anymore). I did test with my other sites and it loaded lightening fast every time. I read about complaints everywhere and according to Amplicate 88% of the 775 respondent hates 1and1, I suspect the other 12% is management. However I laughed it off thinking they were the rare case.

However my laughter stopped and anger boiled up last couple of years. Everything is fine until you need support help (because their system is so messed up you can’t so what you can do on other hosts). I ended up spending a lot of time fixing issues and ended up moving many of my sites to other servers.

Ever since I’ve been working around all their shortcomings until several months ago when my highly ranked site of 6 years was delisted from Google. That’s when my hair pulling journey started.

My recommendation after this ordeal is to call and speak to a tech support. I hate this because I rather use chat and email to save time.

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