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Good Free WordPress Premium themes

If you are looking for free wordpress themes you will fun in a big issue, you will either come upon many pages where they try to get you to buy the theme, affiliate link sites, poor quality themes, or even worse themes with bad links in them. Or the worse scenario, themes with virus or malware.

Even if you find the right theme unless it’s well supported you will come across issues sooner or later. The best option is to get free themes from premium sellers who offer the free themes as marketing and provide good updates and support. Here are some that I found:


  1. Woothemes free themes:
    Makes one of the best engines for wordpress themes. You can expect good integration and quality. The style is professional as well as it has some that are more playful.
  2. KreativeThemes:
    These are very well made themes. They would be number 1 on the list but Woothemes have more selection and better reputation. The themes are simple elegant and design is pretty much perfect.
  3. Fearless Themes:
    The themes look really great and has a nice design concept to it. There is a large selection but the configuration options are limited.
  4. WP Shower:
    Minimalist themes. Great for arts and fashion businesses that need simple elegant themes. They also recently started have premium paid themes. With their minimalist design there is not many options in the back to customize the themes.
    Lots of themes here. It is well organized and easy to scroll.
    Great thing about WordPress is that once a theme is created and sold the buyer can distribute it for free. You have to be careful because sometimes hackers add viruses and links to the theme before uploading it online. Also the negative is that you don’t get updates. Mafiashare has paid themes from Themeforest and plugins from CodeCaynon. Use at your own risk.


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