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Free Cloud Storage Promo – Box 50GB Promo of Free Cloud Storage – Exclusive Dell Offer

free cloud storage promo - box dell 50 GB cloud storage giveaway

***This promo is now over however if you signed up for it you will have invites when you log in to give 50GB to your friends. ****

Box is offering 50 GB of free cloud storage promo for life. This is normally a $19.99/month plan. In one year you will save $240 and in 5 years you will save $1200! This is an epic deal and you should get it right now. Click on the link below. You have to be a new user, if you already have an account then use another email to sign up.

free cloud storage  promo - box free 50 GB $20 dollar plan

free cloud storage promo – box free 50 GB $20 dollar plan


Box had a similar promotion several years ago where when you install Box on an Android device you would get the 50GB promo, I missed out on that one, and would definitely not miss out on this one. Sign up right now for it, it might never happen again.

Link to 50 GB Box free cloud storage promo – limited time.

Don’t know how long the free cloud storage promo offer is active, suggest you sign up right now!

And if you want some extra free Dropbox Storage, check out these tricks.

free cloud storage promo - box installed

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