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Elements of a great Banner Design

I have worked with many graphic designers, most are average and some even great designers (better than I) and with all of them I had to give them pointers on how to fix the up their banner. It’s not rocket science (but it is a science) and quite simple once you understand the goal of the banner.

The goal – get a simple message across quickly, effectively, and emotionally. These are the principle of a great banner design and like all principles, once you understand it then you can break some of the rules


Principle of a great banner design

  1. Big Attention Grabbing, Can’t Ignore Headline – make the headline
  2. One Attention Grabbing, Can’t Ignore Image
  3. High contrast colour scheme
  4. Minimal text
  5. Complementary background
  6. Call to Action

The visual hierarchy (what order people look at) should be:

  1. Title,
  2. Image,
  3. Sub heading/text, and
  4. Call to action. That’s it, no if’s and and’s.

 Learn about Visual Hierarchy basics here

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