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Free 18GB of Dropbox Space Hacks – (Storage Promotion Trick)

Get up to 18GB of free cloud storage

Dropbox space hacks storage promotion

FREE DROPBOX SPACE HACKS! Updated list of all the hacks and promotions for you to get the most free space from Dropbox. Dropbox has been one of the most popular cloud services available. It sync all your files online so that you have access to it from anywhere, you smart phone, laptop, tablet, and public computers. When you start off you get 2 GB free storage and you can get more for doing certain things and from dropbox promotions. While paying $9.95 for 50GB doesn’t that much, it is per month.

If you are able to get free storage it will last you for the life of your account. Below are tips on getting free storage for the life of your account.

You want to start by getting a free Dropbox account from the link below which gives you free 2GB and additional 500MB.

Here is a hack for getting unlimited cloud storage, sign up for an account with JustCloud and install their app just like DropBox, they are offering free accounts right now.

Get bonus 2.5GB Dropbox Space

Great space race dropbox bonus space

Get space for you and your school

free dropbox cloud storage space - spacerace

When you join space race with your school email you will get an extra 3GB of storage for 2 years and your school will get it as well. You will also get more space for inviting friends, getting your friends to complete the Get Started guide. Check out the full details here: https://www.dropbox.com/spacerace

Upload Video and Photos – [Free 4500 MB] For a promotional period when you upload photos and videos.

free dropbox space media hack storage upgrade

Dropbox Promotion. To promote the new Dropbox video and photo feature, when you upload up to 4.5GB of videos and photos, dropbox will give you that amount of storage for free. You can download the latest version here: video upload dropbox. Use it to upload images and video.

Refer Friends [Free 500 MB / Friend]

Get a maximum of 16GB of free space, that’s 32 referrals

refer a friend dropbox free storage space hackYou can refer your friends to get 500 MB of free Dropbox space for you and for them. They have to sign up with your link and install the DropboxYou can get your own URL and email invites here.


Free Dropbox storage when connecting to Facebook and Twitterfacebook twitter dropbox space hack promotion

IMPORTANT! Make sure to take advantage of the Dropbox Media promotion

I saw my space go up and up just by syncing my iPhone images and video with Dropbox. Make sure you take full advantage of this rare promotion before it ends!

What is Dropbox? Explained.

4 ratings | 1,037 views

Get Started [Free 250 MB]

Easiest way to get free dropbox space

The easiest way to get free dropbox space is to complete the get started tasks. They are quite easy. You can access this by going to the Get Started page when you are logged in.
  1. Take the Dropbox tour
  2. Install Dropbox on your computer
  3. Put files in your Dropbox folder
  4. Install Dropbox on other computers you use
  5. Install Dropbox on other computers you use
  6. Invite some friends to join Dropbox
  7. Install Dropbox on your mobile device



Most secure cloud storage available

Sync.com is unique in that everything is encrypted and it’s a Canadian company with storage in Canada. What this mean is that the US government does not have access to it. Even if they did want access all the data is encrypted.

Limited time you get 6GB of storage from the link below plus unlimited referral bonus storage.

Half the price of dropbox

500GB $49/year
2TB $98/year

FREE: 6GB Secure Cloud Storage (Limited Time)

Copy Cloud Logo

Copy Cloud Service is the newest kid in town.

They offer 15GB free storage and 5GB for each referral. The main difference for cloud is what they called “fair storage” so if 20GB was shared with 10 friends each friend would have used 2GB.


Pro: 250 GB – $9.99/month or $99/year




Sign up for 20GB Free (Limited Time)

Upgrade Dropbox Space to:

100GB – $9.99/month or $99.00/year200GB – $19.99/month or $199.00/year500GB – $49.99/month or $499.00/year

Unlimited Cloud Storage Hack and 70% off Trick

Trick to get 70% off justCloud.com


JustCloud is similar to Dropbox but with lower rates. They offer unlimited storage for a very low price. Sign up now with this link and get a free account. (Not sure when the free account offer will expire, better to sign up now even if you don’t need it.)

You can get their discount if you follow this trick. Sign on as trial and let it expire, they will try to get you back by offering you increasingly higher discounts. (This is the same trick as justhost.com, not sure if they are the same company.) You can get up to 70% off.Here’s the pricing for the service, apparently it’s not on their website:

Unlimited: $9.95/mo (Paid upfront: 2 Yr: $6.95/mo 1 Yr: $7.95/mo 6 Mo: $8.95/mo)

Premium: (250GB) $7.95/mo (Paid upfront: 2 Yr: $4.95/mo 1 Yr: $5.95/mo 6 Mo: $6.95/mo)

Home: (75GB) $6.95/mo (Paid upfront: 2 Yr: $4.49/mo 1 Yr: $4.95/mo 6 Mo: $5.95/mo)

box.net – 5000 MB Free cloud storage

Alternative to Dropbox


Box.net is another competitor to dropbox that offers online storage space. The difference is that Box.net is offering 5 GB free. That should cover most of your personal needs. However you can upgrade to their Business Plan.Business Plan:

$15 Monthly Business Plan

1000GB Storage

2G filesize

Create your own Cloud Storage at home

With Cloud harddrive you can plug and access your files from anywhere


Now there are hard drives from the major makers that plug into your router. Like dropbox then you can access these files from anywhere. The benefits are that it a lot less expensive and when you are at home you do not use your internet bandwidth. However the drawback is that it’s not behind a major facility which means it can go down if the internet connection is down or if it is physically unplugged at home. There are also security and backup issues.The most well known is the Iomega home networking hard drive.


Connect Dropbox to Mailbox App on iOS [Free 1000MB]

mailbox app for ios dropbxo


Connect your Dropbox to Mailbox App on iOs and get an additional 1,000MB or 1GB of space!

Connect Dropbox to Facebook and Twitter [Free 640 MB]

Just connect your dropbox to Facebook and Twitter from this link once you are logged in. Do the following and get 128 MB free Dropbox space for each.
  1. Connect your Facebook account with Dropbox [Free 128 MB]
  2. Connect your Twitter account with Dropbox [Free 128 MB]
  3. Follow @Dropbox on Twitter [Free 128 MB]
  4. Connect your Twitter account with Dropbox [Free 128 MB]
  5. Tweet why you love Dropbox [Free 128 MB]

Tell your story and win 100GB of Dropbox Storage

Contest to celebrate 100 million Dropbox users

Dropbox now have 100 million users, tell them your story and win 100GB of storage. Or if you are the 100 top stories you get 10GB.

Read stories and enter now at Dropbox 100 contest.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Camera Gets 50GB of Free Dropbox Space [Free 50 000 MB]

Samsung Galaxy Note II, Note III, Galaxy Camera, and Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 gets bonus free Dropbox space

free 50GB dropbox samsung space hack

Like HTC, Samsung has partnered up with Dropbox to offer 50GB of extra Dropbox Space when you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 2Galaxy Camera, and Samsung Galaxy S3. This is early release news, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is expected to be released later in September 2012 and the Samsung Galaxy Camera still does not have a release date yet.Technically you only get 48GB free storage, you get the standard 2GB to make 50GB. However this only last for 2 years then you have to pay $9.99 a month.Note: U.S. carriers AT&T and Verizon among others have opted out as they have authority over the promotions with the device.

Don’t see your storage increase?

You need to have all 3 of the following to get the latest free storage:

  1. Have Dropbox pre loaded on your device
  2. Went through all 5 steps of the Get Started
  3. Be on a network that did not opt out of the promotion

Dropbox Pricing

Dropbox Prices for upgrading to pro


Do you have any suggestions on getting free Dropbox space?

  • Reply

    valuesomespace Jan 6, 2013 @ 5:09 am
    i added video file into video folder + a shared folder, and images into image folder. no storage space increase 4me. am i suppose to do something else?
  • Reply

    the photo bonus still works, if you haven’t so much photo/video you can rename a file with a ‘.jpg’ or ‘.avi’ extension and put it into a ‘DCIM’ folder on whatever external hard disk/sd then unplug/plug it into pc and start the sync 😉

    if you have not a dropbox account you can create a new one with this link:

    http: //db.tt/QDrlaXl8

    to get a 500MB extra space.

  • Reply
    The 4.5 GB additional space still works. It will put a folder in your dropbox call Camera Uploads and it will give you extra space. I wonder if you can delete all the pics and video and keep the space?
  • Reply
    Incease dropbox space Jan 21, 2013 @ 6:14 pm
    Basic dropbox users have always wondered if there is an easy way to increase your dropbox space permanently.The problem is that the startup 2 gb space isn’t enough. The 100GB monthly plan is too expensive and for most users far more space then they will ever use. Most people are already happy with the 2GB they use right now. But what if you were able to upgrade and have 9 times more space than you have now by just paying a small fee once? That would be great for most people.More information at IncreaseDropboxSpace.webs.com

Sign up with .edu email address [Free 500 MB]


A promotion Dropbox had was that you will double your 250 MB to 500MB free when you sign up or connect with an edu email address. You would also get double the referral when you use your edu email for inviting. However dropbox already upgraded to 500 MB free as standard.


Dropquest II Hacks [1,000MB – 100,000MB FREE]

The future is now


With DropQuest you will be able to earn 1GB up to 100GB and a dropbox hoodie. There are puzzles and challenges for you to complete. Get started here: Dropquest 2012

This is currently over. Stay tuned for the next one.

Free storage with HTC phone [FREE 5000 MB]


If you have an HTC phone and you activate Dropbox you will get 5GB of space instead of the standard 2GB. This is the arrangement made by HTC with Dropbox.

How much % of your Dropbox Space have you used?


Send files directly to your Dropbox with Jotform

    • draft_lens19384845module158457096photo_1337295874With Jotform you can set up a form for people to send files to you. Embed this on your blog or website and users can upload files directly to your dropbox.

      Google Drive – The new kid in town

      Sign up for 15GB of free space


      Google finally enters the cloud space with 5GB of free space. Now your Google doc have become Google Drive. This is a smart move.

      You can download apps for your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.Here are the specs:

      15GB Free space

      100GB for $4.99/month

      200GB for $9.99/month

      1TB for $49.99/month

      2TB for $99.99
      4TB for $199.99
      8TB for $399.99
      16TB for $799.99
      It also has desktop client and mobile app. Sign up here. Some other Dropbox Alternatives include SkyDrive, Box.net, SugarSync, and ADrive. As well you can create your own.
      *July 23 2013 – Google increases the free Drive space to 15GB for free users and 30GB for Business Apps account.

What happens when your Dropbox Promo ends

or your upgrade expires?

That is a common fear most users have, but don’t worry you won’t lose all your data. In fact you have all your time to find  backup sources for your data. They only thing is that it will stop syncing new files. For example if you have 90GB promo and it ended and you go back to 2GB, dropbox will not sync until you are below your 2GB. Consider other alternatives such as Box.com and Google Drive.

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