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Top 7 Dropbox Apps

top dropbox apps

The cloud have been such an important part of my life I don’t know what my productivity level would be with it. Here are some really great apps that you can use to do amazing things with your Dropbox account.

1. Drop it to Me! Free service to get others to upload files to your Dropbox

dropittome - dropbox app

We all have been in this situation, someone needs to send us a big file, we can direct them to some file site such as YouSendit but their limit is only 50MB. And others are full of ads and pop ups and tricks to make you downloads. You can now set it up with Dropittome and get a unique URL and tell your person to upload it there and it will go to your dropbox. It’s dead easy to sign up. You link your dropbox and select a password to log in for you and another password for your users to upload it there.

Send the user a link like I did, dropitto.me/sharky with a password. They enter the password then able to upload directly to your dropbox. Awesome!

2. JotForm – A form to upload files.

Similar to Dropittome but with JotForm you can create a form and have link to upload files. This can be an job application or survey. But it’s just to get a file then it’s better to use dropittome.

3.Combine all your cloud services in one -Otixo.com

Odds are you have a Google Drive account and other accounts from Drive, SugarSync, Box and more. You have files in all these accounts and sometimes you forget where the files are. With Otixio you can connect all of it into a Windows Explorer like window to easily manage it all in one place.

4. Save online files directly to your dropbox: URL Droplet

Easily paste a link to a pdf, documents, or other files into URL Droplet and it will save it to your dropbox. Simple concept, easy to use.

 5. Turn your dropbox to a streaming music player like Google Music, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Apple’s iCloud

droptunes for dropbox

Simply go to DropTun.es and connect your Dropbox account. Now you can stream your music anywhere just by logging onto their site, using their webapp, or using their iphone app. This is very easy to use. I find it very useful for streaming music to my TV (Stereo) with the Chromecast.

6. Host websites on your Dropbox

Scriptogr.am let’s you create a simple website and host all the files on your dropbox. You start by signing up and it puts files on your dropbox. While it’s not clear you create posts using their dashboard. Apparently you can edit/create text files and sync it with your Dropbox to get it published. While it’s a simple concept the instructions are not clear and it gets confusing.

7. Keep your passwords encrypt and on your server

passbox password dropbox app

PassBox is an app created by a friend of mine. While I use LastPass for keeping track of my passwords on desktops I still have no way of doing so on my phone or tablet. PassBox encrypts your passwords and puts it in your Dropbox, not on someone else’s server. Now your passwords are not exposed to everyone.


Those are just a few things that you can do to dropbox, sure there will be more apps coming out and better ways to utilize your Dropbox storage. If you are in need of some free Dropbox storage, check out our Dropbox Storage Space Hack post for techniques to get free Dropbox space.

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