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Content Marketing Distribution – How to repurpose your content for maximum exposure


Most people think that famous content creators are always creating new content. That is not true. What these online marketers do is extend the shelf life of one content by repurposing it as part of their Content Marketing Distribution strategy. Repurposing content allows online marketers to have different pieces of content which they use on different platforms. Each content are different versions of the original, they are not direct duplicates because each media requires a different perspective. By repurposing the marketer can reduce the cost and time to produce new content.

Here are some ways to repurpose your content

  1. Turn old articles into eBooks – Dig through your blog archives. I’m sure you can find articles there that you can compile and make into an ebook.
  2. Live presentation – When you are invited to speak publicly, you may give handouts at the end of the presentation
  3. Webinar – Similar to live presentations but the online version. It makes it easy for you to host one as well as get as for people to attend.
  4. Video – Record your live presentation or you can ask a friend to record it for you and upload it to Youtube or Google Video. There are also many other free video hosting sites such as Google Video. Another option is to burn to DVD and sell it.
  5. Online slide show – This  is another format for your content. Use Powerpoint or Keynote if you have a mac. Your slideshow can be just slides with pictures and graphics to make your slideshow interesting or you can narrate it with your own voice. Post your slideshow on your website or you can also upload it to and people can stream your slideshow through their own websites or blogs. You can create slideshows on PowerPoint, Prezi, Zoho, and AuthorStream.
  6. Podcast – Convert your content to audio and create your podcast or do an online radio show. You can use AudioAcrobat to make the process easier or start a talk show on BlogTalkRadio where listeners can tune in if they are interested.
  7. Newsletter – Publish your content in your own newsletter
  8. Blog – Post the content to your blog and stream your video to your blog. Posting a video can boost your SEO. It attracts more inbound links than just simple texts.
  9. Screencast – Film your monitor while you are working and make it an informational screencast then upload it.
  10. Social Media – Promote your content by tweeting about it, updating statuses on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Be sure to put your name, website and contact information on everything you produce. And if possible create a URL link back to your site. To help make it easy to produce different mediums I suggest getting help from Fiverr gig providers. Please post suggestions on your content marketing distribution strategy that I may have missed.

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