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Compare free online survey tools

compare free online survey tools

If you do surveys here and there but it’s not part of your main business you might consider using the free plan from the top survey providers Surverymonkey, Zoomerang, Surveygizmo, and Poll Daddy. There are details of their free plans.



SurveyMonkey is easy to use with simple features it does not offer the slick and highly usable interface of SurveyGizmo. It also have many limitations like the other providers.

  1. 100 survey responses per surveys
  2. 10 questions per survey
  3. Basic reporting
  4. No data export

Prices: $19/mo Select, $29/mo Gold, and $69/mo for Platinum


  1. 100 survey responses per surveys
  2. 10 questions per survey
  3. Basic reporting
  4. No data export

Merged with SurveyMonkey.

Poll Daddy:

  1. 200 survey responses per month
  2. 10 questions per survey
  3. Branded with links
  4. Basic reporting
  5. No Data Export


SurveyGizmo is the top choice because it has a very easy to use interface to help create questions quickly. It is the only provider to offer unlimited questions and you can have over 100 responses per question. And the great thing is you can also export your data.

  1. 250 Responses per month
  2. Unlimited questions
  3. Basic reporting
  4. Export data

No longer offering free accounts, only 14 day trail. I’ve been using SurveyGizmo and have been very happy. As I am now getting more responses and noticed that I went over my limit by 6 last month. They still collect the responses but you have to upgrade to see it. To my shock the price was $810/yr or $75 a month. Last time I check their prices were comparable to SurveyMonkey but I didn’t have enough respondents to upgrade. They combined all their plans into one, which I think is a bad decision but I guess they know better about the business metrics than I do.

You can try those out. What I highly recommend is NEVER use GetResponse’s survey feature. I used that at first because I have a free account and it was a waste of time and cause of much frustration. There are not much options for questions and when viewing the data it is very limited and you cannot see each response. The worst is the export data feature, I got the data in excel and could not follow, took a lot of time. And the data was actually incorrect from the site to the export file and I discovered that the most important respondent was missing.

3 Comments on Compare free online survey tools

  1. Hi, I’d like to add Ask Your Target Market ( to your free online survey tool comparison. Our survey tool is free to use and offers more than you find in most of the other free accounts including:

    Unlimited surveys
    Unlimited responses
    Unlimited questions
    Skip Logic
    Data Export (Every bar and pie chart can be downloaded in seconds as a JPG, PNG, PDF or SWF and you can also export and download the raw survey results data to Excel or as CSV)

    We also offer a built-in panel so when you need respondents you can DIY that as well, although there is a cost involved for ‘Panel Surveys’.

    Please feel free to get in touch with any questions,

  2. Melanie

    Fluid Surveys offers a free account that includes 20 questions and 150 responses. It offers the most of all the survey generators I know of.

  3. As an alternative i want to offer It easy to use and professional survey tool.

    – 5000 initial Responses
    – Unlimited Questions in Unlimited pages
    – Unlimited collectors with various ways of survey publications (link, email, facebook, twitter, iframe and QR code).

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