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Call Tracking Service Comparison

With the advent of Twilio it has made telecommunication application more mainstream. More and more businesses and apps are using telecommunication for tracking. Before Twilio there have been many telecommunication services available but they were confusing and hard to use. Now there’s a new breed of call tracking services available making it more user friendly and can integrate with other applications. Here are the top ones I reviewed.


Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics is very user friendly and simple. They offer access to their full demo backend so you can see what it is like. You won’t any training for learning. There are also WordPress plugin available and integrates with Google Analytics. This is perfect for the business owner or advertising agency with no development experience.

Call Tracking Metrics also has a Starter pay you go plan with no monthly fee, numbers start at $3/month, calls start at $0.050, SMS start at $0.03/message.


CallRail is also part of the new breed of user friendly telecommunication. However CallRail is targeted more towards the developer and offers a feature that will dynamically generate a numbers based on the Google Adwords keyword they came from. Both are similar it seems CallRail has a lower price as their $30 plan offer 10 numbers and 500 free minutes, the same would cost $45 at Call Tracking Metrics.

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