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Fiverr Gigs for your Business

You can save a lot of money on by using Fiverr gigs for your business but there is something even more important that you can save…. time and headache. I needed some photos retouch today and have spent hours trying to learn it and know I won’t be perfect at doing it until I spend hundreds of hours. There must be a better way.

I am a more advanced and opened minded online user than most. I tried getting my graphic designer on oDesk to try it. He’s a good designer but wasn’t sure he knew what to do but he insisted he was more than capable. Then sent me some mockups, it was horrible. Then I remembered Fiverr and went looking. Editing photos is a consistent also mechanically task which is great to hire someone on Fiverr. And I was correct, there are so many people who specialize just on touching up photos. They have spent way more hours than I have and I would save my time and money.

What’s great about fiverr is that it’s easy and fast, it’s tries to take the personal part out of it and make it before just a transnational process. You see their work, you like and then you buy, they deliver and it’s done.

There are other great things you can get people on Fiverr to do as well. Here is my list of Fiverr gigs that will help your business, save time and money.

The Drawback of Fiverr [Added March 25 2014]

Low accountability

It has been two years since I started using Fiverr and it’s been great however there are some drawbacks and might not be great for your business if it’s urgent and or you need long term work. There are almost no consequence from the seller cancelling the purchase unlike other sites. If you have a deadline it can be cancelled a day before it’s due. And because it’s such a small transaction it doesn’t hurt the seller financially. Also many tasks you would need to contact the seller beforehand to determine the price and often they don’t reply until you actually purchase the gig because they probably get a lot of questions.

Slow communication

Fiverr prohibits users from exchanging contact info which means you cannot communicate by Skype, E-mail, or phone. You have to use their system, so when you get an email notification on your phone you have to go to a browser and log in.

No communication

Lastly if you need someone for continuous work such as an illustrator for company campaign then it would not be a good choice. Firstly Fiverr prohibits exchange of contact info or even website portfolio links. As well sometimes sellers can turn off their services when they get busy or take vacation or decide to stop their services on Fiverr. And without their contact you are left with no recourse except to start your search again. Compare to odesk I have easily hired a worker after over a year.


Video testimonials

Kymmypops is attractive and has a sexy British accent. She did a great testimonial for me.



Mark is an absolute professional. I sent him some illustration and he did a perfect voiceover for us to use in a video, go to 0:58. His emotion and emphasis was right on point for each of the parts. I ordered the music too and it was perfect!

Michelle is really great at giving testimonials and she is very natural. However looks like she only does voiceovers now.

Another great voiceover is Eric. It’s $5 for 50 words and cost extra for more and additional for .wav file. This is more than others but not the most expensive. I tried many  others first I figure the odds are that a $5 for 100 words or $10 for 100 words have the same odd of being what I wanted but only Eric did the perfect reading and had the equipment to sound professional. I would try him first next time.



I got Christine to draw me a pic for my facebook profile header, it was just for fun but you can use it for business. The queue time is correct, it will take a while. I made the design but she did the illustration  I sent her a James Bond movie poster and a pic with my head.

You have to be careful because there are many other gigs out there that are not effective as well. Please let us know which ones have worked for you.

Video Animation

Worked with 2 failed animator before I came across Frank D. He was slightly more than other 2 but after I failed with them I didn’t want to waste time and went with the highest rated and he is highest rated for a reason. Frank was very professional and good and understands After Effect very well. You can have him edit your Videohive video like I did. Highly recommend.

Microsoft Tasks

I bought a template from themeforest but it was almost impossible to edit it. So I hired Mary Ross for this and she was great. She was able to make it exactly as I wanted it. Very professional and saved me a lot of time. She also does Powerpoint tasks and vector logos too.

fiverr microsoft word task

Book Cover Design

For design either you have it or you don’t. It’s a waste to find a designer that doesn’t have it. No matter how much time they put it it won’t look good. And 95% of designers out there don’t have the touch. That’s why I was so happy to find Vocaldesign. Despite the layout being simple the work looks really good. This designer gets it.

fiverr business gig book cover design


Quality of a video is determined by the audio. Faye has the highest quality video and good audio. However she was quite expensive but I thought it was worth the investment as it will help provide a professional image for the service. And I was really happy at the result.

300 Real Twitter Followers

Gocvel gets you 300 followers for $5. These are real followers often interested in your service. He adds a bunch at a time and unfollows the ones that do not follow. I would recommend this gig to increase your followers.

English to Chinese Translation

This is a great gig to translate anything English to Chinese. Take a look, pretty decent: English to Chinese translation .

Wordpress Related Gigs

Revolution Slider editor VSJforall. Won’t make it look great but gets the job done.
Revolution Slider editor VSJforall. Won’t make it look great but gets the job done.
Final Thoughts

The best Fiverr gigs for helping your business. Proven and tested to the best and most reliable. You can hire these candidates with confidence.

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